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Silently Sahara Encroaches

Very few Nigerians are aware that Sahara desert encroaches every year, which means in the next few years a good portion of northern Nigeria will be enveloped by sand dunes. It is well known fact that Northern Nigerian depends largely on agriculture for its sustenance. If Sahara is allowed to devastate this fertile land, the sustainability of this region is ...

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Community’s Hopes Flushed by Flooding!

Flood is among the most devastating natural disasters in the world, claiming many lives and causing more property damage than any other natural phenomena in Nigeria, though not leading in terms of claiming lives, flood affects and displaces more people than any other disaster, which also causes more damage to properties. According to Nigerian meteorological Agency it has forecasted the ...

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A dark morning…,

Observations has shown that the continued rainfall in Kano metropolis is threatening the survival of mud and weak buildings in the city. Natural disasters are inevitable instances that are bound to happen at anytime and place. However, these disasters often give signs for measures to be taken, yet most communities of the ancient city, precisely the metropolitan community, which mostly ...

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