UN Environment: “Stop ‘boring’ language to spur climate action”

In a recent interview Erik Solheim, Executive Director of UN Environment has argued that technical jargon alienates people keen on taking climate action, calling for an urgent change in language. During an interview for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Mr. Solheim said that the most searched term on the internet in 2017 was ‘Hurricane Irma’, the catastrophic hurricane that hit part ...

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Lighting-Up a Low Carbon Future for Nigeria

The lights are going on all over Africa, home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Overall, that is great news. Children can study at night without breathing harmful or environmentally damaging kerosene fumes; the sense of security in poor communities, where people live in fear when night falls, is hugely increased; productivity for businesses improves as ...

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Renewing Frayed Intentions

Ever sat and wondered about the abundant renewable energy available in Nigeria? Ever pondered how if such energy judiciously tapped could benefit the country’s more than 150 million people? You don’t have to think hard! Nigeria, a country endowed with immense renewable energy like wind, and abundant sunshine especially in its northern part has slanted interest towards looking for ways ...

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Silently Sahara Encroaches

Very few Nigerians are aware that Sahara desert encroaches every year, which means in the next few years a good portion of northern Nigeria will be enveloped by sand dunes. It is well known fact that Northern Nigerian depends largely on agriculture for its sustenance. If Sahara is allowed to devastate this fertile land, the sustainability of this region is ...

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