Renewing Frayed Intentions

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Ever sat and wondered about the abundant renewable energy available in Nigeria? Ever pondered how if such energy judiciously tapped could benefit the country’s more than 150 million people? You don’t have to think hard!

Nigeria, a country endowed with immense renewable energy like wind, and abundant sunshine especially in its northern part has slanted interest towards looking for ways to tap into the various alternative energy supplies, especially regarding electricity.

The high wind and sunshine are being used in countries around the world to advance growth and development across various fields part of which include supplementing the basic needs of electricity and water supply hence diversification from singular sources of energy which has proven insufficient in the least. Using renewable energy also means tackling the issue of climatic change in addition to creating additional job opportunities thus checking the menace of unemployment.

Kano State as a specimen enjoys over 4000 hours of sunshine in a year with maximum temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius. If stakeholder’s embraced technological efficiency look positively towards the natural resources available, dreaded long periods of darkness and its associated pangs would very easily be overcome.

However, for appreciable success it is only clear to see that there is need for active participation involving both constituted authority and the private sector a view supported by Mr Kevin Urama of the African Technology Policy Studies Network in Kenya at a 2011 Durban conference on climate change:

“Regarding renewable energy technology is a low carbon technology that is an area that we would like to see more effort and more involvement of the private sector in Nigeria in terms of trying to take advantage of the huge hydro-energy resources and wind energy resources, solar energy that Nigeria does have giving that power is a major challenge in Nigeria, over reliance on oil is not doing us a favor.

Solar Farm

Solar energy is one that is viable in all African countries because of the timing and intensity of sunshine that we also have access to, but in terms of deciding which one should be done should be depending on technology needs assessment by different states and regions so that we will be able to basically optimize the investments that is putting in”

Wind Farm

At the conference, Nigeria joined other African countries in discussing ways of finding a lasting solution to negative changes in climatic conditions. They converged on the certainty that the success of Africa in terms of development cannot be achieved in isolation and therefore there is the need to unite and redefine the collective mindset and lifestyle in the region by appreciating and utilizing the abundant renewable energy in their countries instead of wholly accepting the technology transfer from other developed nations.

But while all the deliberation is still stretching, the scorching sunshine in the city of Kano like other states of the Nigerian federation, continue to be ignored and a huge amount of energy is at best under-utilized, or in a worst-case scenario not used at all.


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  1. It is really unfortunate that up till now African leaders do not have the foresight to harness the natural resources at their disposal for the development of their countries. Should they do so, we would have become better and more developed than we are now.

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