Operation Keep Kano Clean

Given a panoramic view of Kano city, one of the largest ever busy commercial cities in Nigeria, gives clear picture of major developmental projects and beautiful road network initiated by the state government.

However, the growing concern in Kano bothered largely on the manner in which residence dispose their refuse in public places aside the designated collection spots, an eyesore given unpleasant impression about the city of Kano.

Despite government tireless efforts to decontaminate the environment, people with uncharitable manners would not desist from deposing human waste on major roads, markets and becoming increasingly worrisome as raining season set in.

In less than two weeks of his assumption of office, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje launched a two week operation keep Kano clean as part of measures to disinfect the environment from Cholera, Malaria, and other health hazard.

The exercise was after extended to Sunday and also engages private refuse operators to compliment efforts of state own refuse management and sanitation board, simply to ensure safe and healthier environment.
Yet the situation kept degenerating as people never stop disposing their rubbish on public places.
How best can government address these issues?
Indiscriminate deposit of human waste taking over major roads and public places in Kano metropolis is fast becoming an eyesore despite the just concluded operation keep Kano clean sanitation program initiated by the state government.
While many kept accusing the refuse management agency for failure to discharge responsibility as expected other questioned the resident’s negligence and poor attitude towards cleaner environment.
Strolling around Kano city, one of the largest commercial cities in Nigeria, would no doubt, gives clear picture of appreciable developmental projects initiated by the government.
However, one major concern is the manner people dispose their refuse outside designated collection spots, an eyesore that could give a visit unpleasant impression about the city of Kano.
Such Indiscipline deposit on human waste commonly cited on public places and major roads, markets and even near health care centers is increasingly worrisome as raining season gradually set in.

“In my quest to see how this refuse are been kept by people, Sabon gari is a combination of residence and market areas were people do business at the same time domestic activities, huge amount o refuse litters many roads or side roads of areas along sabon gari in kano city
According to a trader who pledge anonymous said refuse were been dumped by users in the night while other areas the refuse were been forced by the heavy down pour to the middle of the roads “
Brigade, one of the most densely populated areas in Kano metropolis, is also not left out in issues related to refuse dump and its disposal. The problem has aggravated during this rainy season with residents cleaning out their drainages and dumping them by the road sides.
This problem makes it difficult for vehicles to move freely in the streets of the area, not to mention other health effects.

I was able to meet the residents of Yan Kaji Road, in the area while they were cleaning their drainage system in which dirt occupied almost half of the road. A resident and a restaurant owner by the road side, Madam Beatrice explained that they bring the dirt out and then wait for government authorities to pack it.
However, the residents of Gama, still in Brigade of Fagge local government, complained about the total absence of designated refuse dump sites in the area.

There is an urgent need for government to provide refuse containers in the area and its surroundings, as the area is used as a dumping ground for residents and business premises in Sabon gari.

This blogger equally notice similar heaps of waste deposited on the popular IBB way by Kwari market. Also a fresh stinking refuse were seen at Kurawa quarters by Shahuchi junction where some traders even display their consumables for sale. Also in Gwale, a noticeable waste is now growing at Kwanar Diso, all waiting for urgent attention.
This ugly trend kept concern public wondering whether or not Kano state refuse management and sanitation board REMASAB are up to the task.

But the new Managing Director group captain Muhammed Kura insisted that Remasab is justifying her responsibility within its limited.
“Refuse management and sanitation board is doing its job assign to them by the state government , the issue of dumping refuse indiscriminately in some areas is something we cannot control after conducting our jobs more rubbish are been brought out by the people indiscriminately “
While government is working hard to make environment cleaner, it is expected that residents would cultivate positive attitude and rather contribute their communal efforts to make the society fit to live in.

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