Kano:Living with environmental hazard

Talking about erosion, which is a common environmental issue bedeviling some residence in Kano state, in Nigeria, residents of walalambe in Nasarawa local government area of Kano state are no exception as they   decried over the fast approach of erosion and desert encroachment affecting their territory due to lack or good drainages.


In an interview with Baraka On Environment correspondent, a 78 years old Malam Dalhatu Muhammad said the area suffered erosion due to poor drainage, lack of good city plan lack of vegetation cover.


He said people have suffered huge set back as a result of the said problem. Noting that himself and some members of the community went to Kano state water resources and engineering agency WRECA on their plight with no progress till date.


Malam Dalhatu pointing at a black pipe beside the dilapidated drainage covered with stain which he said is as a result of pressure mounted on WRECA Chanel the pipes last year for easy movement of water in drainages as am talking to you now they have stopped working.



On a related development still talking about the environment, as refuse dumping sights at Hotoron Arewa in Nasarawa local government area where members of the community dispose their waste products which are no longer in use are becoming an eyesore to the environs.







The offensive odor emanated from the refuse site is becoming a nuisance and causing medical hazard according to some settlement of Hotoron arewa


Moreover, according to people living in the area they say they usually encounter breathing problems especially those suffering diseases that has to do with lungs like Asthma, Tuberculosis amoung other diseases.




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