Garlic and Cancer Treatments in Africa

By Shamsiyya Haruna


It is no more news that many African governments have failed to provide enough facilities for treating cancer patients, especially the poor who could not afford expensive treatment through Chemotherapy.


Thousands of cancer patients are dying silently while not much appears to have been done to stem the tide of losing them. The devastating effect of cancer in the continent is quite alarming.


Since the African government fails to provide or eradicate the menace of the disease, it may not be out of place to go back to traditional herbal remedies. New scientific reports reveal that there is a way of eliminating cancer and its family cells through the herbal way.


As thousands are dying silently, due to cancer problems, surely using garlic as part of preventions and treatment will ease the burden of the disease in the whole region, especially when public awareness campaign is created by African governments.


There is urgent need for public awareness campaigns in the rural and urban areas through media of communication such as radio, TV stations, as well as print, online and also social media on the use of garlic for treatment and prevention of cancer.


A recent BBC report discloses that scientists have uncovered fresh evidence that garlic can protect against many forms of cancer. The research, by a team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shows that people who eat raw or cooked garlic regularly cut their risk of stomach cancer by about a half compared with those who eat none. They also cut their risk of colorectal cancer by as much as two-thirds. Lead researcher Professor Lenore Arab said: “There seems to be a strong, consistent protective effect for people who are regular garlic consumers. It doesn’t matter if they’re consuming garlic.”


In a related development the American Institute for Cancer Research after its studies on animal and cell culture reveals that garlic may reduce the growth rates of cancerous tumours. Garlic, according to them, can either slow down or stop cancerous tumours in the tissue of various body parts.


Since there are no enough radiotherapy units in Africa to cover the need of cancer treatment, even when occasionally Chemotherapy and radiation treatments ravage the immune system of the patient, it is better for the African government to raise awareness on the use of garlic as an anti-cancer ailment. This will go along way to prevent self from having the disease as it does not have any side effect compared to modern cancer treatment. It will also reduce and eliminate a cancer tumour.


It is necessary to point out that Garlic can be taken in the form of tablets, capsules, inhalation, beverages, macerated in water, fried, cooked in oil, raw, roasted, among others.


To halt Africa’s growing cancer crisis, the international community must act now, through a partnership with African governments, healthcare leaders and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in manufacturing garlic drugs for cancer patients.


There is the need for the African government to develop garlic farming to make it available to its citizens, especially those suffering from the disease.

There is also need for capacity building programmes through advanced training of African oncologists and other healthcare providers, to empower them to deliver better research and develop garlic products for cancer treatment.


Effective partnerships and collaboration with critical stakeholders will go along way in addressing the menace.

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